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KEY Updates | Monthly Videos

Eddie Ghabour, Co-founder and CEO, provides monthly updates on the state of the economy, its impact on the KEY Advisors portfolio strategy, and your investments. This video series provides investors with insight and information on the latest KEY Advisors' point-of-view and research-led strategies by our exclusive research team.

November 2022

Back to the Future

Don't worry if you thought you missed a month. This video is Eddie's October 2022 retrospect and his point of view on November and the remainder of the year. In addition, he discusses the continued volatility due to the push and pull of interest rates, profit pressures, and the impending recession. Patience and trust in the process are the KEY!

Monthly Economic Update Library

If you missed an update or just want to watch them again. Below you'll find our library of Monthly Economic Update videos. And, as always, let us know if you have any questions or comments!

September 2022 Update

Is this a new bull market or a bear market bounce? Eddie addresses their response to the Fed's increase in interest rates and the overall Q3 KEY Advisors portfolio strategies.

August 2022 Update

The markets have shown some green, but interest rates, the labor market, and inflation are still critical factors. Eddie takes you through the August portfolio playbook.

July 2022 Update

The Fed remains steady with interest hikes, and KEY Advisors remains cautious. Eddie addresses this and other topics like the value of the U.S. dollar and the bond market. 

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