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KEY Advisors Wealth Management is a leading independent wealth management firm in Delaware, with offices in Dover and Lewes. Founded in 2000 by Doug Ferris and Eddie Ghabour on the principle that wealth management should be more about the people they serve than the value of their assets. Also known as a fiduciary, the KEY Advisors team acts in their client's best interests.

After working together at a large national firm, Doug and Eddie knew they could do more for their clients and go beyond just being fiduciaries. They looked to provide a new level of personal and proactive approach with transparent portfolio management tailored to each client's situation and needs. The KEY Advisors' innovative KEYWAYS Portfolio Management approach has long countered the 'buy and hold' industry trend.

Today, KEY Advisors has cemented its reputation for bold financial strategies with a personal approach to client relationships. Their team of high-performing professionals never seeks the easy way. Instead, they invest the time to know each client personally and actively work with them to understand their needs and goals. As a result, they askew prescriptive plans; instead, they invest in the data and analysis and develop financial strategies that best fit their client's needs.

For over 20 years, KEY Advisors has unlocked preservation and growth for their clients through their special blend of innovative and data-driven wealth strategies and their personal touch, generating wealth for their clients and creating strong friendships.

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