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About Key Advisors Wealth Management

KEY Advisors Wealth Management is a leading independent wealth management firm in Delaware, with offices in Dover and Lewes. Doug Ferris and Eddie Ghabour founded KEY Advisors in 2000 on the principle that wealth management should be more about the people they serve than the value of their assets. Also known as a fiduciary, the KEY Advisors team acts in their client's best interests.

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January 4, 2023: Why we're Still Holding onto Cash

Eddie joins Stuart Varney on FOX Business to discuss when KEY Advisors will get back into the market. With predictions pointing to the Feds holding steady on interest rate hikes, the cost of debt is rising will force some companies to revise earnings and potentially file for bankruptcy. However, there is no turning back, as the damage is done. Watch to learn more.

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As Seen on These Networks

As Seen on These Networks

Eddie Ghabour is a regular guest on many great networks discussing his point of view on the market and investing. 

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