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We're Not Your Parent's Wealth Management Firm

We're Not Your Parent's Wealth Management Firm

At KEY Advisors, we take a data and technology-driven approach to investing that recognizes that while historical trends can point the way, there are critical factors in today's economy that impact investment decisions. Therefore, we do not default to a traditional "Buy and Hold" method. Instead, we take a dynamic, always-on approach to help you grow and preserve your wealth for generations.

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We just launched our new blog, called Commonsense. You can find helpful information, KEY insights and our latest videos. If there is a topic you want us to cover, let us know!


Why Am I So Bearish?

Lately, I have been receiving the question, "Why am I so bearish?" quite often. It may surprise those who are familiar with my 25-year career in asset management, as I have typically been more bullish than bearish. As evidence, my Twitter handle is @CommonsenseBull and I have even written a book with the same title.

This video will cover the key reasons why this bull is currently a bear. Read my blog post to learn more.

May 17:
Time is running out?
FOX Business Varney & Co.

On May 17, Eddie appeared on FOX Business' Varney & Co. show with Stuart Varney, where they discussed his current bearish market position and the factors that could potentially change it. 

KEY POV: The data speaks for itself. The market is mostly range-bound because the impact of the rate hikes has not been fully felt across consumer and corporate markets.  Yes, it is taking more time than expected, but our data-driven opinion is that we will have a hard landing and a recession.  

Watch to learn more.

What is Fiduciary? 


Definition: involving trust, especially in a situation where a person or company controls money or property belonging to others

(Source: Oxford Dictionary)

Are KEY Advisors' Fiduciaries? 

Yes, we are!

We manage our clients’ money and are legally obligated to act in their best interest.

But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We use the same principles to invest our own money, so we're taking “when you do better, we do better” to a whole new level.

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<br/><br/>You'll find Us on These Great Networks.

You'll find Us on These Great Networks.

Eddie Ghabour is a regular guest on many great networks discussing his point of view on the market and investing. 

About KEY Advisors Wealth Management

KEY Advisors Wealth Management is a leading independent wealth management firm based in Delaware with clients nationwide. Eddie Ghabour is the Co-founder and CEO. Established in 2000, KEY Advisors is rooted in the principle that wealth management should be more about the people they serve than the value of their assets. Also known as a fiduciary, the KEY Advisors team always acts in their client's best interests.

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