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KEY Investment Strategy

The KEY Advisors’ Investment Strategy goes beyond traditional thinking and legacy practices. Our proprietary investment framework is designed to help our clients grow their wealth and protect it long-term. Instead of defaulting to the classic “buy and hold,” we use a dynamic and active investment approach based on our exclusive data and analysis. Our experienced professionals take a team approach to analyze the flow of information to make informed decisions about where to allocate assets based on where we believe the market is headed. We firmly believe that leveraging a diverse mindset and group thinking sets us apart.

Our investment strategy includes ten exclusive KEY models that access a full range of investment vehicles. These models make KEY Advisors different because they are designed around frequent data inputs and coupled with deep analysis, allowing us to update our investment direction regularly. This flexible framework allows us to align our investment strategies to the goals and objectives of our clients within their personalized financial plan. Our strategists continuously manage these models to best align with the ever-changing market dynamics to ensure we do our best to position our clients for success, given the expected economic environment.

KEY Advisors Wealth Management believes the easy way is usually not the best. While history can repeat itself, we should expect pattern variations that impact standard investment moves, which can make a big difference in everyone’s investment strategy. Therefore, our proactive management, team approach, and flexible investment models aim to grow our client’s wealth while reducing risk and exposure to market volatility.

We are not your father’s wealth management firm.

<strong><br/>Our Four KEY Principles Of Investment Strategy</strong>

Our Four KEY Principles Of Investment Strategy

  1. Do not default to "Buy and Hold." Yesterday’s performance is not a blueprint for tomorrow’s strategy.

  2. We let our exclusive data and analysis lead the way. 

  3. Design flexible strategies that change and grow with the market. 

  4. Actively manage risk to protect our client’s wealth. 

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