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You don't have to be a KEY Advisors client to get essential insights from Eddie Ghabour and his team at KEY Advisors Wealth Management. Our KEY Economic POV video series provides our point-of-view (POV) on how different economic factors impact the markets and your financial portfolio. In addition, you'll get insight into what our exclusive data and analysis are telling us and how we're actively managing our client portfolios. We hope this information lets you make informed investment decisions with your financial advisor. 

                 The Time is NOW!

April 2023

Eddie starts this update explaining why NOW is the time to review your investment process. Do you have a process to get you out before the next bubble bursts? 
Too many wait until the market drops to reassess risk. The time to review your process is when markets are near all-time highs. That time is NOW. Eddie reviews why his team is so bullish and also shares what is keeping them up at night. We are in the largest debt bubble of our time, no one can convince us that "this time is different." 
EKEY POV: Eddie reviews why his team is so bullish and also shares what is keeping them up at night. We are in the largest debt bubble of our time, no one can convince us that "this time is different."

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We are starting to see bank failures, now what?

March 2023

Eddie believes that the hard landing cycle has already begun. The macroeconomic factors impacting our trajectory and momentum are irreversible. There is nothing anyone can do about it. We believe it's a good time to be in cash and think there will be a great buying opportunity closer to the summer as the markets decline and the markets bear the impact of the debt ceiling debate.


KEY POV: We still believe cash is king and a high cash position will provide great buying opportunities closer to the summer.

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Is this the start of a new Bull Market or just another Bear Market trap?

February 2023

Eddie Ghabour, Co-founder and CEO of KEY Advisors Wealth Management, addresses the latest Bear Market rally and provides data-driven insight into where he believes our economy is headed and why he doesn't think that a soft landing is in our future.

According to Eddie, the market has priced in a soft landing when a soft landing is unlikely, and the data supports the KEY Advisors thesis. The yield curve spread is one of the widest in history, but that is just one market dynamic. While it is a damning data point, you must look at all the dynamics to fully understand the economy's trajectory and why we think we are headed into an unavoidable and necessary recession.

Monthly KEY Economic POV Video Library

If you missed an update or just want to watch them again. Below you'll find our library of Monthly Economic Update videos. And, as always, let us know if you have any questions or comments!

December 2022

Eddie explains why 'Cash is King' in December. Spoiler alert, there will be no 'Santa Claus Rally.' Eddie covers the Fed, Inflation, Crypto, and the Consumer outlook. 

November 2022

Don't worry if you thought you missed a month. This video is Eddie's October 2022 retrospect and his point of view on November and the remainder of the year.  

September 2022

Is this a new bull market or a bear market bounce? Eddie addresses their response to the Fed's increase in interest rates and the overall Q3 KEY Advisors portfolio strategies.

August 2022

The markets have shown some green, but interest rates, the labor market, and inflation are still critical factors. Eddie takes you through the August portfolio playbook.

July 2022

The Fed remains steady with interest hikes, and KEY Advisors remains cautious. Eddie addresses this and other topics like the value of the U.S. dollar and the bond market. 

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