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Passing the Financial Baton: Navigating Uncertainty and Finding Peace of Mind

Passing the Financial Baton: Navigating Uncertainty and Finding Peace of Mind

May 10, 2023

As a financial advisor, I have the privilege of connecting with clients and prospects all across our country. It is part of the job I really enjoy because it allows me to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds. However, I have noticed a common worry in my latest conversations with prospective clients. It's a challenging discussion, but it's a crucial one that I feel compelled to address because it is a heartfelt, big deal.

Does this sound familiar?

You've been solely responsible for managing your household's finances for a long time—from running the local cash accounts to managing your family's investment portfolio—you've done it for many years. You are happy to do so for your family. Fast forward, and the years have gone by quickly. You're not as young as you used to be, and you're looking to pass the financial baton to someone else. Enter an unpredictable market, terrifying headlines, and a dizzying amount of 'expert' advice. What was once certain is now uncertain.

You and your significant other have done the hard work. You've worked all of your life and lived within your means. You have sacrificed, saved, and accumulated wealth. But, unfortunately, your nest egg is now subject to these new economic conditions. Your account balances have grown easily over the last decade but are now less predictable and unstable. Furthermore, the days are long, but the years are short. We all know how time flies.

Here's where the stories get more concerning.

It is unfortunate to hear, but the number of times I have heard, "I've never had a great experience with a financial advisor," is disconcerting. At this stage in your life, you need sound, professional guidance. Your biggest concern is that if anything were to happen to you, your family might not be able to manage the investment portfolios as well as you have been doing for years.

"How do you find a firm you can trust? How can you ensure that your next advisor is a great experience?"

I want this to sound like something other than a sales pitch, but I wanted to share the experience within our firm. We only want to provide great experiences, treat you like family and commit to protecting and growing your hard-earned wealth. Our clients are generational, and we only see clients leave our firm when they move on from this world.

We proactively manage investment risk and provide unbiased guidance every day. I italicize manage because it's a verb—it requires action, and consistently so. Our prospective clients quickly learn that our investment approach is based on many data points and objective analysis. We're not chasing hot stocks or prospective hot stocks. Instead, we access and leverage world-class data and research data for our clients. Furthermore, our clients know we can always speak directly by e-mail, phone, in-person (our favorite), and Zoom meetings.

To sum up, if you can relate to this story, finding an advisor who can provide you with a positive experience is crucial. You and your loved ones deserve nothing less. Although each person's financial situation is unique, many others face similar decisions. Remember that a sign of a great experience is when your advisor takes the time to listen to your concerns and allows you to express them fully. Trust us. It’s worth it - this is what we do every day and genuinely enjoy.